Holistic Nutritional Counseling

An initial consultation package includes a 2-hour appointment where we discuss your specific health goals, lifestyle and dietary habits, current medications, family history and symptoms.


Included is a 45 minute follow up session and an action plan uniquely tailored to you to with easy to follow steps that target specific body systems allowing you to reach you health goals faster!

Follow-up packages are available.

 Meal Plans

Meal plans are personalized to your likes, dislikes, skill level, lifestyle and specific dietary requirements.

Pre-made, or custom

7 or 30-day meal plans which include all recipes and can be tailored to the ingredient level.

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Grocery Tours

Come join me for a 1-hour tour of your favourite grocery store.


I can help you to decipher labels, pick better produce, make healthy choices, avoid potential food triggers, save money and take the guesswork out of shopping.

Cooking Lessons

Personal or Group Cooking Lessons are available.


Let's cook in the comfort of your own home so you can recreate the same recipes at a later time.


Great for team building or date night. Fun for all skill levels.

Fridge & Pantry Cleanout

Are you newly diagnosed with an allergy or need to follow a specialty diet?


Let's go through your pantry together and figure out what to keep, toss or avoid.

We can also plan your kitchen to help avoid cross-contamination and allergic reactions.

 Food Sensitivity and Other Test Kits

The Allergic Nutritionist is able to act as a curator for a variety of self-diagnostic test kits.


24 or 88 IgG Food Sensitivity

Zonulin (Leaky Gut)

Diamine Oxidase/Histamine

Adrenal Cortisol, Melatonin Estrogen, Testosterone Progesterone, DHEA

Hormone Test Kits Available

Ionic Detox
Foot Baths

Ionic Footbaths allow charged ions to enter the body to help stimulate the body’s detoxification organs to work more efficiently.

​This allows your body a boost to properly clear toxins and eliminate metabolic waste helping reduce inflammation, edema, swelling, and joint and muscle pain.

Packages are available.

Workshops, Webinars and Other Events

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The Allergic Nutritionist offers a wide variety of payment options including Cash, Credit, Certified Check or Money Order, PayPal, and e-Transfers.

Gift Certificates and Payment Plans are also available.


Many insurance companies are covering nutrition services dependent on your specific plan. Check with your provider to see if you are covered for nutritional counseling.